Efficacy of a web application for cognitive training (MeMo) on cognitive and behavioral performance in people with neurocognitive disorders: a randomized clinical trial.


Memo Greek version now available

The MeMo application is now available in Greek. This new version has been developed thanks to a collaboration with the  Department of Neurology and the outpatient clinic for Dementia Democritus University of  Thrace (Pr K Vadikolias). Do not hesitate to distribute to all people who have Greek as their mother tongue.


Test your reflexes, your driving and your memory in the new version of MeMonaco !

>>> MeMonaco 2022 <<<

Reminiscence therapy

Personal interests are an essential part of individual’s motivation and goal directed behaviors. Recently the IA association and the CoBTeK team  have developed the game of interest which allows to assess this dimension.

Interest game is available here : www.innovation-alzheimer.fr/motivation-application-2

Reminiscence therapy is based on evoking old memories of the patient and aims to improve self- esteem and socialization skills, to preserve and strengthen the identity of the person. In itself, this therapy can be a way to communicate as long as possible with patients. It can be offered in group or individual session and is based on the use of various media, such as photographs or songs. MeMo provided photographic material showing the activities considered as the most interesting by patients and residents in institutions, according to the results of the study “What interests you” ( Leone et al., 2012). PDF ARTICLE

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To celebrate the Monaco Historic Grand Prix 2016, MeMo team made available a special race game : try to race and memorize answers to questions at the same time !

Try it now here : http://games.memory-motivation.org/memonaco/en/

And more

MeMo also develop a link with Memory Lane – TV memory-lane.tv offering of great quality video material… more information and material available soon !